Benefits of Using a Controlled Dose Jumbo Blister Pack

If you are in need of a blister pack that can hold large quantities of multiple medications, the jumbo blister pack from Drug Package offers the perfect solution you are looking for. Our jumbo blister pack boasts 28 individual blisters on 8.25” x 8.5” sheets. Each blister measures .93” deep and 1.68” long, allowing ample space to store multiple pills. These jumbo blister packs are easy to use, provide necessary extra space for medications, and help your clients to keep track of their day to day dosing. Using a controlled dose jumbo blister pack is convenient, and provides an extra level of safety when keeping track of daily meds. If you are interested in using these jumbo blister packs in your pharmacy or medical practice, Drug Package can help.

Pros of Drug Package’s Jumbo Blister Packs

  • Controlled Dose – Drug Package’s jumbo blister pack is compatible with both Dose Planner Software and the MedWell Smart Pill Box. These services make keeping track of dosing and medication simple, and help to keep consumers safe.
  • Easy to Use – Each blister on Drug Package’s jumbo blister pack is individually perfed and labeled, allowing the user to easily realize their dosage at a glance. These blister packs are clear, to the point, and easy to open, making daily med planning and dosing easy.
  • Safety – Drug Package’s jumbo blister pack is easy to use, is clearly labeled, and works in conjunction with various tracking services, which helps users to clearly see and understand what they are taking and when. This is essential to patients who depend on the correct medications to maintain their health and quality of life. All of these precautions prevent users from taking the wrong meds or dosage, and help prevent dangerous mistakes.

Shopping for Jumbo Blister Packs?

If you are interested in learning more about Drug Package or our Jumbo Blister Pack, contact us today! Drug Package is a trusted provider of pharmacy supplies with over a century of knowledge and experience to help you find the best supplies for your needs.

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