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As a company, we at DosePlanner™ believe in the essential role a community-owned, community-based pharmacy plays in positive outcomes for all patients. In addition to our recognized tools that improve productivity for compliance/adherence packaging, we are also expanding to offer additional tools to enhance community pharmacy practice and profitability.


DP-Pak is designed to help pharmacies print, package, & fill prescriptions and any other tasks related to manual or automated compliance/adherence package filling and related record-keeping.

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DP-Care software is for use at nursing and group homes. It is our program to support local pharmacists who wish to provide disease management services to patients with chronic illnesses.

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DP-Home provides your health data at your fingertips. DP-Home is your portal to gain access to vital health information about you and your loved ones, and also including your pets.

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DP-Secure provides a Controlled Substance Inventory Management Solution software for EMS Care.

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DP-Insight provides the ability to view, report, and analyze information about your compliance operations. This set of software tools will enable the pharmacist to discover data detailing consumption, distribution, compliance, and much more.

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DP-Dispense is a software product that controls automated filling equipment used with compliance/adherence packaging. The software offers blister cards and/or strip-pack packaging options.

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