What is DP-Pak?

DP-Pak is software designed to enhance productivity for pharmacies using (or thinking about using) blister packaging for prescriptions.

The DP-Pak planner system of software products can help you easily manage your packaging tasks while helping your business grow!

DP-Pak can prepare several packaging styles and is compatible with many of the most popular Pharmacy Management Systems. At DosePlanner™ we are constantly upgrading our systems to be able to grow with you.

You can begin your Compliance Packaging journey with the smallest start-up operation or you can enter with an established operation looking for productivity improvements.

How DP-Pak can help you?


With DP-Pak, you get:

•  packing accuracy.

• Support for a variety of packaging styles.

• Integration with many popular Pharmacy Management software systems.

• Integration with Zewa™ Medication Compliance system.

• Reporting tools to help streamline business operations.

• A selection of reports to aid you and your customers.

DP-Pak software is cloud-based and can be accessed from any workstation in your pharmacy. No extra equipment to purchase! DP-Pak interfaces with many popular pharmacy management to meet your customer demand. DosePlanner™ is dedicated to providing best-in-class technology, solution consulting, and hands-on support, ensuring our customers are equipped with the resources to advance pharmacy practice.

DP-Pak Benefits

More Control

DP-Pak will help manage your clients using alternative prescription packaging. Easily organize clients individually or by groups. Reduce errors and keep prescription information up to date with interfaces into your pharmacy management systems.

Direct Value

Patients have a unified place to access and update their healthcare information. Data combined effectively and efficiently to serve the needs of caregivers and providers in delivering better overall health care.


Informed clarity for patients and their provider partners on the value of their healthcare experience in cost, utilization, and quality.  Simplified access of healthcare data from its source of truth.


Team Experts

The DP-Pak product team are experts at identifying the best data that can leverage and maximize value specific to your health data needs. Our products focus on helping you access, organize, and digest information when you need it.

Our services focus on providing best-in-class methods to build custom solutions for individuals and businesses.

We combine analytic rigor, technological innovation, and business acumen to drive revenue for all our customers.

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