What is DP-Dispense?


DP-Dispense is a software product that controls automated filling equipment used with compliance/adherence packaging. The software offers blister cards and/or strip-pack packaging options.

How DP-Dispense can help you?

Health and technology providers often struggle to connect the many access points. A simple solution is to focus on the patient first.

DP-Dispense provides you with the tools to control your costs, health care quality, and to get the medical help you need.

DP-Dispense Benefits

More Control

Patients are number one. Our goal is to give them access to everything they need from one central source.

Direct Value

Patients have access to a single data point. This makes life simpler for caregivers and providers.


Patients can look at their healthcare experience and measure the cost, utilization, and quality.

Team Experts

We are experts at finding the best data for your health needs. You will have access to what you want – when you need it.

For our providers, we offer the best solutions possible for individuals and businesses, ensuring you receive ongoing, predictable revenue.

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