The Challenge of Medication Adherence

The five main responsibilities of a pharmacist are to dispense prescriptions, communicate with customers, ensure patient safety, counsel patients, and work with patients on general health. Of these, one of the most common problems is medication adherence. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution. Every patient is different, and so are their issues. … Continue reading

Compliance Packaging

Compliance Packaging. Why should you care?  Compliance Packaging enhances patient safety and the patient’s overall experience. There are so many packaging choices available in today’s fast-paced society. Although the mention of Compliance Packaging technology may call to mind visions of old plastic med-boxes that never quite matched up perfectly with a patient’s needs, the market has, in fact, … Continue reading

Benefits of Using a Controlled Dose Jumbo Blister Pack

If you are in need of a blister pack that can hold large quantities of multiple medications, the jumbo blister pack from Drug Package offers the perfect solution you are looking for. Our jumbo blister pack boasts 28 individual blisters on 8.25” x 8.5” sheets. Each blister measures .93” deep and 1.68” long, allowing ample … Continue reading

Using Blister Pack Medication at Home to Simplify Medication Management

Taking one or two medications once or twice a day doesn’t present much difficulty for most people. However, when a patient takes multiple medications on different dosing schedules, keeping track of what medicine to take and when to take it can be challenging, especially when the patient has a busy lifestyle in which medication management … Continue reading

What Every Pharmacy Owner Must Know About Starting & Running a Compliance Packaging Operation.

What is Compliance Packaging? Compliance packaging or Adherence packaging are the terms used somewhat synonymously for medications that are provided to patients by day or dose-time. This form of packaging facilitates medication compliance to the patient’s physician-prescribed medications. This form of packaging is commonly distributed in multi-medication pouches (also called strip-packs) or blister cards. Patients receiving this service … Continue reading