Using Blister Pack Medication at Home to Simplify Medication Management

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Taking one or two medications once or twice a day doesn’t present much difficulty for most people. However, when a patient takes multiple medications on different dosing schedules, keeping track of what medicine to take and when to take it can be challenging, especially when the patient has a busy lifestyle in which medication management isn’t the first thing on his or her mind come morning, noon, or night.

For these patients, as well as patients who have memory problems that keep them from remembering how and when to dose medications, using blister pack medication at home supports good health outcomes by helping to ensure that medicine is taken on the right day, in the right amount, at the right time. In addition to making medication management more organized, our Multi Medication Home Care Kit offers the following benefits that promote proper dosing of essential medication.

Color Coding for Time of Day
Our blister pack medication at-home solutions are available with color-coding options that identify times of day at which specific medications must be taken. For example, you can dispense medicine in blister packs that contain horizontal color coding for dosing times — morning, noon, evening, bedtime — seven days a week. The pack makes it obvious when medicine should be taken.

Foil Backing for Easy Removal
We can also supply you with blister packs that have easy-to-remove foil backing that simplifies dosing by making pills easy to remove from the blister sheet. This feature is especially helpful for patients who suffer minor motor impairment in the hands (e.g. early-stage arthritis), and thus have difficulty removing pills from conventional medication vials.

Left Panel With Room for Notes
Our blister pack medication at home solutions also provide the option of dispensing the blister pack in booklet form, with the left side of the opened package featuring lined and segmented sections for recording notes. Patients who can achieve medication compliance on their own may not need the left panel, but the space is helpful for caretakers who dispense medication, as it allows them to record medication-related notes to present to the patient’s physician.

Easy to Replenish Blister Pack
This is a good option for patients who demonstrate a high degree competency when using blister pack medication at home. The option is also helpful for caretakers who are responsible for replenishing the package with weekly medication.

Replenishing the blister pack is easy. Just take the following steps: (1) Place the blister card in a filling tray, (2) fill blisters with medicine from prescription vials, (3) peel away the liner paper to reveal the pressure sensitive adhesive, (4) fold over the foil-backed left side of the medication booklet, (5) apply pressure with a roller to seal blisters, and (6) remove the sealed card from the tray and fold it into booklet form.

Let Us Supply Your Blister Packs

Drug Package has over 133 years of experience in providing commercial pharmacies and retail pharmacies with best in class medication packaging that supports good health outcomes. One of these packaging types is blister pack medication that is designed for use at home. When you get your blister pack medication containers from us, you receive the benefits above, among others, all of which support proper dosing, and thus support good health outcomes. Order conveniently online here or call us at 800-325-6137.

For pharmacists, when your customers use blister pack medication at home, it can help them remain adherent to medication prescribing protocols. If these patients are a part of your pharmacy’s customer base, Drug Package can supply you with blister pack solutions that make a difference in patient health. We look forward to serving your pharmacy.

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