The #1 Productivity Tool for Compliance/Adherence Packaging

Put the focus on productivity and efficiency. DosePlanner is simply the best way for pharmacies to manage compliance packaging for your patients. DosePlanner provides affordable technology and systems based upon your business requirements. Our technology solutions save you time, money and put you in a position to prosper.

DosePlanner Makes Compliance Packaging a Snap

Whether focusing on a single patient, a single group or managing multiple groups, DosePlanner helps pharmacies
be more productive by managing all their patient activities from a centralized hub.

Work more productively as a team

DosePlanner data can be individual or can be shared amongst your team members.

Keep Track of Renewals Automatically

DosePlanner can easily interface with a pharmacy management system to help keep patient data synchronized and up-to-date.

Work from anywhere

DosePlanner is cloud based allowing you to operate many of your packaging tasks from any workstation or location.

Powerfully Integrated

DosePlanner can easily interface with a pharmacy management system to help keep patient data synchronized and up-to-date.

What People Are Saying

Beacon Prescriptions“DosePlanner is a great choice for blister packaging software. We’ve worked with DosePlanner for a while now and it’s refreshing to work with someone who has the knowledge, experience, and integrity that they have. DosePlanner is a stand-up company that I can highly recommend.”

S.Dionne, LTC Manager
Beacon Presciptions

Family Prescription Counter“We needed a compliance packaging solution for a particular client and, with emphasis turning to adherence and compliance, for our regular customers as well. I have turned to DosePlanner and have never looked back. The software is easy to use, integrates with most pharmacy platforms and has saved us countless hours of time. DosePlanner is an important part of our growth strategy. Their customer support is extremely reliable and they have the personnel with expertise to handle our technical needs. If there was an issue, I could call, email or text and the issue was resolved quickly. Our clients have been very pleased with our solution to their needs, and our “walk in” customers are finding this a useful alternative to the pill boxes we have been using. I can’t recommend the DosePlanner software enough.”

C.Hampel, RPh
Family Prescription Counter

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