Pharmacy Dispensing in Missouri and Kansas

Pharmacy dispensing in Missouri and Kansas should be handled with care because it is a critical determinant of whether patients use the drugs rationally. Doseplanner has developed a system to ensure the automation of pharmacy dispensing. Automated pharmacy dispensing will enable you to give out medicine accurately. Correct dispensing is one of the best-of-breed solutions our automatic pharmacy dispensing affords you. Also, a sound system for pharmacy dispensing makes accurate prescription assessments every time. Our automated pharmacy dispensing helps community pharmacies offer excellent services to their patients to benefit both the patient and the pharmacy.

Are you looking for pharmacy dispensing in Missouri and Kansas?

01Work From Anywhere

DosePlanner™ is cloud-based thus allowing you to operate many of your package tasks from any workstation or location.

02Automatic Renewals

DosePlanner™ can easily interface with a pharmacy management system to help keep patient data synchronized and up-to-date.

03Workflow Efficiency

DosePlanner™ will reduce medication errors, advance pharmacy staff expertise, and improve pharmacy workflow resulting in cost savings.



Organization & Filling
Organizes your multi-med or single-med filling operation and integrates with your Pharmacy system to synchronize patient and RX data.

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Care Facility Integration
Integrated management for patient medications and treatments within an SNF or  GH.

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Information Access
Monitor up-to-date patient activities, conditions, and other information remotely from any mobile device.

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Secure Inventory Tracking
Manage inventory of controlled substance medications within an EMS (police, fire, ambulance), pharmacy, or hospital environment.

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Advanced Business Insights
Business Intelligence (BI) modules to provide advanced insights into the data of the system including medication utlization, adherence, treatments and much more.

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Filling Automation
Manage and control automated filling equipment for blister cards, vials, or strip-pack (pouch) machines.

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What are the Benefits of Pharmacy Dispensing in Missouri and Kansas?

Pharmacy dispensing has many benefits. The benefits are more pronounced when an automated pharmacy is involved. The following are some of the benefits.

  • It helps avoid dispensing errors: Dispensing errors can be fatal at worst, and at best, they keep the patient from getting the treatment they need. Having an automated pharmacy system eliminates the possibility of dispensing errors. The reduced likelihood of errors is because the pharmacy dispensing removes the need for illegible prescriptions. Also, the system for pharmacy dispensing minimizes the possibility of confusion with Look-alike, sound-alike drugs (LASA). Also, the inventory management system linked to pharmacy dispensing reduces the likelihood of dispensing expired medicines or ones that are likely to expire before the prescription is finished. The inventory system indicates the expiry date, further enhancing the safety of pharmacy dispensing.
  • It helps keep patients informed: The automatic pharmacy solutions usually have an SMS notification to repeat customers, especially those on long-term medication, alerting them on the next refilling date. These alerts help patients take their medicine regularly without fail. This aspect of pharmacy dispensing is vital for the efficiency of community pharmacies.
  • It helps you manage inventory: Automatic pharmacy dispensing lets you control the inventory. It enables you to keep tabs on the stock. The stock is part of the services the DP Platform affords you.
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Find the Best Pharmacy Dispensing Solutions in Missouri and Kansas

We have the best pharmacy dispensing. Everything about us and our products is meant to help pharmacies and patients get the best out of their relationships. The best-of-breed solutions we offer are a cut above the rest. You are welcome to contact us to get the best dispensing system.

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