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Compliance Packaging

Compliance Packaging. Why should you care?  Compliance Packaging enhances patient safety and the patient’s overall experience. There are so many packaging choices available in today’s fast-paced society. Although the mention of Compliance Packaging technology may call to mind visions of old plastic med-boxes that never quite matched up perfectly with a patient’s needs, the market has, in fact, … Continue reading

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What Every Pharmacy Owner Must Know About Starting & Running a Compliance Packaging Operation.

What is Compliance Packaging? Compliance packaging or Adherence packaging are the terms used somewhat synonymously for medications that are provided to patients by day or dose-time. This form of packaging facilitates medication compliance to the patient’s physician-prescribed medications. This form of packaging is commonly distributed in multi-medication pouches (also called strip-packs) or blister cards. Patients receiving this service … Continue reading

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