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DP Pak is software designed to enhance productivity for pharmacies using blister packaging for prescriptions. DP Pak will help manage your clients using adherence/compliance prescription packaging. Easily organize clients individually or by groups. Reduce errors and keep prescription information up to date with interfaces into your pharmacy management systems.

DP Pak software is compatible with forms and labels from Drug Package, Jones Packaging, Yuyama and Dispill. In addition to reducing labels for the Multi-Med Blister cards, the software makes label use more efficient for the pharmacy by allowing the cards to be printed in 7-Day or 28-day format. DosePlanner will optimize your patient medications placement to use fewer cards! If you use a large volume of blister card labels, the software can deliver an attractive return-on-investment (ROI) due to reduced label use.


* DosePlanner Cloud Software – MTM
* Training
* Software Support
* Monthly Subscription Renewal & Billing

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